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2020 Old Fort Days Futurity Champions Kelsey Treharne and VF Cream Rises to the Top

2020 Old Fort Days Futurity Champions Kelsey Treharne and VF Cream Rises to the Top

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This is what Kelsey had to say... Holy smokes, what a day!!!!!! VF Cream Rises is the 2020 Old Fort Days Futurity & Super Derby Futurity Champion! This is a completely unreal feeling! I never thought i would be lucky enough to win this prestigious Futurity. I can’t thank my team enough for all they do for me & my horses. Rafael Celeste, thank you thank you thank you! Thank you for sending this mare back to me after you guys bought her. I’ve always had a ton of love & respect for that crazy mare, she’s always been a champion, I’m just thankful I’m that monkey on her back! 🤪 Danny Ray, thank you so much for breeding, raising & helping with her. I have learned a lot from your book of knowledge & you’re always the first one to help fix & tweak things so they are perfect. This would not be possible had you not thought about the perfect cross on CC, that was Eddie. This mare is truly one of a kind and another winner from your program. Thank you for having the right eye on things to tweak to be faster, it showed thru this weekend! Hallie Ray, you & that pink shirt!!!! I’m forever grateful! You do so much for us making sure that we are rolling, entered & on the right track! You’d take a bullet for this team, we couldn’t do it without you! ❤️ Don Lee, thank you for the late nights & long hours to make sure my horses are healthy & happy. You ALWAYS are there for us, always. Even if it means inconveniencing yourself to do so. You’re so passionate about what you do & it’s greatly appreciated. Jarrod Morris, thank you for being the best shoer & tweaking things if needed to make sure Puff feels good & has blazing fast shoes on! She’s grateful for you & you’re expertise! Riley South, thank you for all of your help & ideas on Puff. Smooth is fast! You kept me from blowing this whole deal! lol i want to come in guns a blazin but you reminded me, just go be smooth & have smooth slow hands! Kenadee Miller, girl ur the best!!! Thank you for all you do to help keep us rolling! You do such a great job & pay attention to the horses. I trust you with all my heart and i couldn’t think of anyone better to trust with them! You’re a rock star! Dylan Heishman & Jessica McRae, thank you guys for holding the fort down at home & making sure things are taken care of, i didn’t worry a lick with you two there, that means alot!!! Jd Treharne, thank you for all the support you give me! You are the backbone of this & you have my back no matter what! I love you bunches! Puff won $39,177 for winning the Futurity!!! VF Eddies Alive won $3600 & VF I’m That Kinda Gal won $1700! It sure paid to ride a VF horse @ ft Smith! 💜💜💜 Victory Farms Stallion Station, Inc Thank you as well to my amazing sponsors! OE Nutraceuticals (runs on score) Usher Brand Silver & Saddlery BioMane Products Silver Lining Herbs North Texas Equine - Farrier Services and Chiropractic Care Western Legacy Company SaddleRight Omega Fields Hawthorne Products Double X Equine @flairnasalstrips

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