Southern Rebel Futurity


Event Dates: 12/27/2018 to 12/29/2018


Sanctions: BFA

Late Fees/Entry Deadlines..:

Contact :
Phone :
email :
Website :
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Southernrebelfuturity
Event Type/Classes:2D Futurity, Open Slot, Open 4D

Added $, Incentive $, Sidepots

Futurity : $ 5000  Added Guaranteed
Breeders Incentive: 0  $0

Addtl Futurity Incentive $$'s (0= unknown):
FF $ 5000
TC 100 $ 2500
SS $ 0
WPRA Pesi $ 0
CSSI $ 0

Open Incentive $$'s:
FF: $0
TC100: $2500
SS: 0

Incentives Other:

Addtl Details:

Event verification details/efforts:
event info verified by: Jo on: 12/21/2018
source: FB Page, TC100 site, FF Site
updated: 12/21/2018
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