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Myristol Performance Products present the 5/19/19 Parker County Arena Fast Five

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D and D Chickasha Race Fast Five brought to you by Double X Equine

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R Barrel Horses = Ryann Pedone, Don Lee and Team
You can view their team, their horses as well as news and videos on their website
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Performance Horse Hotline

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Barrel Racing Futurities

Nov 15th 1st Date to Compete Exception

*Clarification from Cindy Arnold BFA Secretary on Nov 15th 1st Date to Compete
"The compete date of November 15th that is true for all except the SuperStakes horses the Superstakes has to be 1st competition for those Foals 🙂"

Barrel Racing Futurity Calendar

Events, Short Listings, Details

Barrel Futurities of America

Barrel Futurities of America

The 2019 BFA World Show will be held November 18-23 at Guthrie OK.
This is a new date and location as the event traditionally has been held in OK the 1st weekend in December. With this change comes the change in date to November 15th that members may begin campaigning their futurity horses at BFA-approved events. The BFA World Show Features a...
  • Juvenile $50,000 Juvenile Futurity (3-year olds that have not competed prior to Nov 15, 2019)
  • $70,000 added 4-year-old Futurity
    • This is the last futurity for 4-year olds or the first futurity for coming 5-year-old futurity horses held during the BFA World Championship in November.
  • $20,000 Added Derby for 5 and 6-year-old horses
  • $250,000 BFA $uper$takes
When you add up all the incentive monies the 5-day event payout exceeds $1 million! For complete details visit their website.

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